What Oil To Use On Treadmills?

The treadmill is your faithful friend: it is an assistant in daily training, a guarantor of a beautiful figure, a simulator for preparing for a variety of competitions. We rush to the treadmill after the holidays or vacations to get rid of extra pounds on the sides and stomach.

We all know that proper lubrication of our treadmill helps a lot in extending its life. And this is why, experts recommend treadmill silicone lubricants as they are easy to use and require a short time period to get the work done.

Silicone oil has a number of advantages over other types of lubricants. It practically does not evaporate, does not loosen a surface of a running deck that does not corrode a cloth and at the same time has antistatic characteristics.

How often do you need to lubricate the treadmill?

There is no unambiguous answer to this question! As the practice of experts- with daily operation of the treadmill – at least 2 times a month, in other cases – at least once every two months.

Lift the edge of the tape, and check for grease on the base plate. If the board is dry – it’s time to apply oil.

How to lubricate the treadmill?

For treadmill lubricant oil, it is necessary to unscrew usually heel bolted connections that will allow to expand a gap between a running cloth and a deck. Remember the number of revolutions so that at the end of the procedure does not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended canvas tension.

If there are remnants of old oil on the surface, it must be completely removed, then fill the syringe and apply to each side of the deck and in the centre of about 10 mm of silicone.

The bolts should be tightened, and the track should be started for five minutes at a speed of about 4-5 km per hour.

Signs that indicate the need to lubricate your equipment

It is possible to learn that the equipment requires immediate intervention by indirect signs. Lubrication may be required in cases of certain violations and interruptions in work, which are expressed in such factors as:

  • The treadmill begins to move slowly and jerkily,
  • The control panel when trying to adjust begins to beat the current;
  • When using sports equipment there is a persistent smell of burning and burnt rubber.

These and other similar factors may indicate the need to check the condition of the deck and canvas. The most common reason is the lack of oil in the required amount. The earlier you carry out maintenance, the lower the probability of breakdown and failure of expensive equipment.

Important nuances

Experts do not recommend exceeding the established rate of silicone application, usually enough 20-30 milligrams for one maintenance. Excess oil causes the treadmill to slip during intense running.

Before the maintenance procedure, it is mandatory to disconnect the simulator from the mains to avoid electric shock. If there is a congress of the canvas in one of the parties, it is necessary to make adjustments with tension bolts until it is aligned.

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