What To Do If Your Treadmill Is Lagging Behind?

Your treadmill is an investment in your health and an investment that should preferably last for many years.

If you want to extend the life of your treadmill, it is important that you maintain it, both with regular wiping for sweat, keeping the engine compartment free of dust, lubricating the tread surface and adjusting the treadmill if it is skewed.

Treadmills need to be maintained, this is important for the life of the treadmill. Lubrication, adjustment, cleaning must be done and checked regularly.

To get the most out of the treadmill, we recommend that the treadmill is placed on a treadmill mat or other surface with rubber. Special noise is reduced with a treadmill mat, which will also help keep dust and moisture away from the most exposed treadmill parts

It is very important to take good care of your treadmill. Because the friction (frictional resistance) that occurs between the treadmill plate and the treadmill can affect the life of the treadmill. Therefore, it is very important to lubricate the treadmill with treadmill silicone lubricant regularly.

Regular lubrication and cleaning is a prerequisite for the full life of your treadmill belt, treadmill plate and electronic components.

If there are no factory defects, treadmill malfunctions may occur due to improper use of the treadmill, exceeding the user’s maximum weight, power problems. The main faults include:

  • Problems turning the machine on or off;
  • Unexpected switching off of the track during the activity;
  • Knocking and other strange sounds;
  • Problems with engine operation when the console is on;
  • Slippage and other problems associated with the movement of the web;
  • Errors on the track display.

Lubrication instructions

Before lubrication, wipe the running plate and the back of the running belt with a dry cloth. The running belt can advantageously be loosened to get more space. (Tighten the seat belt again with the same number of turns.)

Lift the treadmill to one side and put treadmill lubricant oil on the treadmill. Be sure to lubricate the centre and front of the treadmill.

Repeat the lubrication from the other side.

Start the treadmill and let it run at 4 km/h. Let the treadmill run for 5 minutes to spread the lubrication on the underside of the treadmill.

In addition to taking care of your treadmill, it is also a good idea to take care of the floor where the treadmill is standing on. We always recommend that you place a mat under your treadmill.

It protects the floor from marks from the heavy weight, is sound-absorbing and ensures that the treadmill does not move further back when you train.

Most treadmills need to be lubricated with silicone between the treadmill and the treadmill, to make the friction better during use. This is necessary to get the full life of the tape. Always check with your dealer or check the manual to see if your treadmill needs lubrication.

Tightening of treadmill

Sometimes you may also find that the tape is too loose around the roller. Here it is in exactly the same way that you tighten the tape. Be sure to tighten equally on both sides if it is already cantered.

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