What You Should Never Do When Polishing A Car Body?

Time is unforgiving and that applies to both people and their cars. If it has been a while since you bought your precious new vehicle, it is possible that its paint does not present the same immaculate condition, even if it has not suffered blows and even if the maintenance has been correct.

Simply exposure to external agents such as sun, rain or wind may have caused some deterioration. So it could be a good time to polish the car body.

According to car polish manufacturers in Delhi, polishing is a method of removing scratches and rough and uneven parts on the surface of the car paint by grinding wax and a polishing machine. Polishing can grind away the aging paint film of the paint surface, so that a new paint film is produced and restores its brightness.

After polishing, waxing or glazing can achieve more ideal results. The main function of car waxing is to prevent rain and acid rain.

Wax based automotive polishes have long and firmly staked out their place in our market. But for all their popularity, few experts know that the use of such car chemistry has its own characteristics. And here we mention some of them.

Today, special demand among drivers are compositions for self-care of the machine. Such products, not inferior to professional counterparts, return the bodywork to its original presentation, because after processing the car looks like new.

The pigments used for this give the paint a deep saturated color, and the wax itself – a specular gloss.

Car owners are also attracted by the fact that “manual” polishing is much safer for the body. For example, unlike polishing with a machine, there is practically no risk of “burning” the varnish on it or making it thinner.

In addition, the independent use of polishes gives obvious savings – after processing, due to the water-repellent properties of the wax, the body gets dirty less, which means washing the car less often.

If, on the whole, we talk about the protective properties of wax auto polishes, then products based on natural wax have the highest efficiency.

As told by the best car polish manufacturers in India, before applying polish, the body should be washed with car shampoo, remove bitumen stains and traces of reagents. If the coating is rough, then it may also have to be cleaned with polishing clay using a soap solution.

If this is not done, then microfiber will become clogged, and it will have to be changed many times, and it will be difficult to distribute the composition evenly. Use only clean and soft microfiber. And another thing: you cannot polish the body in direct sunlight.

There is a big controversy in the industry about car polishing, because the protective layer of car paint is very thin, generally only 0.5mm, and each polishing will remove the scratches or roughness on the car paint.

This layer of car paint protective layer will be thinner and thinner. The more polishing times, the greater the damage to the protective layer.

Therefore, the owner should carefully measure before polishing, unless the surface paint layer of the car has been oxidized more severely or has obvious scratches and unevenness.

It is recommended that the polishing operation should be carried out within the specified time after the waxing is completed. After polishing, carefully check to remove the car wax remaining on the license plate, lamp, door and other places.

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