Which Chain Lube Type Is the Best Chain Lubricant for Mountain Bikes?

When most bikers think of the best chain lubricant for mountain bikes, they probably think of lubrication. But it’s not only about that friction and drivetrain wear are also tightly linked.

Also, dirt and other impurities enter the equation, just as they do in the real world. Keeping this in mind, avoiding a polluted drivetrain is the key to maximizing efficiency and ensuring long-term parts.

Types of Chain Lube

Wet lubes, dry lubes, ceramic lubes, and wax lubes are just a few examples of bicycle-specific lubes. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as well as a specific use. We’ve listed all of the key varieties and their effects to aid you in your search for the best chain lubricant for mountain bikes.

Dry Lube

Dry lubricants, as a lower viscosity lube, offer improved efficiency by reducing resistance and absorbing fewer impurities. Dry lubes are made up of roughly 10% lubricant (synthetic oils and chemicals) and 90% carrier fluid.

Certain businesses identify wax-based lubes as “dry,” but we’ll talk about that separately later. The disadvantage of dry lubes is that they are frequently washed away by rain or puddles.

Wet Lube

Wet lubes are designed for riding in wet or maybe all conditions, hence they usually contain greater viscosity synthesized oils and compounds like PTFE. It has a high lubricant content per ml, but it attracts a lot of impurities.

With this sort of lube, you get any more lubrication per milliliter, and the higher viscosity of the lubricants implies it should last longer and is less likely to get rinsed off your chain if you meet water. These same qualities attract dirt, and the greater viscosity reduces overall efficiency as compared to thin lubes due to increased viscous friction.

Ceramic Lube

Ceramic lubes have grown in popularity in recent years, owing to bold claims of better performance and higher cost. However, it’s not always clear what they contain or what advantages they have over other lubricants. It acknowledges that these lubes are more pricey, but also promises that the reduced friction will result in increased drivetrain durability, saving you money in the long run.

Wax Lube

One of our favorite wax-based drip lubes is wax lube. And arguably the best mountain bike chain lubricant. Waxed-based lubricants are typically made up of highly refined paraffin wax particles combined with PTFE and a carrier fluid.

Lubricants made from paraffin wax (the same thing used to create candles) have exploded in popularity in recent years, thanks to independent research demonstrating that they are exceptionally efficient, long-lasting, and resistant to impurities.


We hope you can find the best chain lubricant for mountain bikes, at the very least for your specific bike. Check out Kangaroo’s broad lube selection; we have all of the aforementioned varieties in stock. Shop with us right now!

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