Why And How To Remove Rust: A Brief Theory

There are three methods for removing rust: mechanical, chemical and electro chemical. Depending on the task, the methods can be combined or used separately. In this article, you will learn how to properly remove rust from the surface of metal products with rust removers.

Rust is a red plaque on iron and iron alloys, composed of iron oxides. Rust forms when metal corrodes, that is, as a result of the destruction of a metal surface.

When is it better to remove rust?

Before painting or gluing metal products. Rusty deposits will not allow paint or glue to firmly bond with the metal, so it must be removed.

To protect the metal product from corrosion. To protect the metal from destruction, it must be cleaned of iron oxides and covered with an anti-corrosion material such as zinc oxide.

For aesthetic purposes. Rusty metal objects look unaesthetic, and a rusty tool is unpleasant to hold in your hands.

Thus, the removal of rust allows high-quality bonding or painting of metal parts, and also makes them aesthetically pleasing.

How to remove rust mechanically?

It is convenient to mechanically remove rust from large, flat metal surfaces such as sheet metal or car bodies. The method is also suitable when heavily rusted products need to be cleaned.

In this case, the metal is first processed mechanically, and then a chemical or electro chemical method is used.

To remove rust from large parts, use metal brushes, drill bits or grinders. It is more convenient to clean small parts by hand using sandpaper.

It is difficult to mechanically clean metal products with complex geometry, deformed parts. In this case, after or instead of mechanical cleaning, chemical or electro chemical methods can be used.

In industry and in small workshops, sandblasting guns are used for mechanical cleaning of rust. This tool has found widespread use among auto technicians.

How to remove rust chemically?

The essence of the chemical method: acids destroy iron and its compounds. When acid is applied to rusty surfaces, it dissolves iron oxides and transforms them into salts. As a result, the surface is cleaned of rust.

When using chemicals, it is important to observe the exposure times indicated in the instructions. And professional rust removers usually contain a protective component that creates a protective film on the surface of undamaged metal.

To remove rust, use a suitable cleaner such as rust cleaner spray of Kangaroo Auto care. Apply the product to the surface, wait for the time indicated in the instructions and clean the plaque with a rag.

Rust can be removed with an organic acid, such as citric or acetic acid, or with a weak inorganic acid, such as carbonic acid. Therefore, vinegar and soda are most often used in everyday life for cleaning metal products.

Nevertheless, it is better to use special agents, since a solution of acetic or citric acid acts much more slowly than inorganic acids.

In addition, commercial rust cleaners usually contain a protective component. This prevents re-rusting of the metal.

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