Why does the treadmill need to be lubricated?

Lubricating the belt is very important, especially in the day-to-day environment of the treadmill.

The lubricant creates a protective layer between the belt and the deck, which reduces the coefficient of friction of the moving parts. As a result, the load on the belts and the engine is reduced, and their wear is slowed down. The working life of the simulator increases.

In the absence of lubrication, the antistatic layer that covers the running belt from the inside and does not allow electricity to accumulate on the frame, wears off, so during training, a person may feel the unpleasant effects of electrical discharges on themselves. The solution to the problem is web lubrication.

A properly maintained treadmill runs smoothly and does not generate excessive noise for a comfortable treadmill.

Treadmill lubrication guidelines:


The main elements of the treadmill should be regularly cleaned of dust and other contaminants using a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth.

Cleaning is carried out both along the perimeter of the simulator and in the gaps between the canvas and the frame. No cleaning agents should be used. Before wet cleaning, the simulator must be disconnected from the mains!


Typically, the treadmill should be lubricated at least every 300 km or 30 hours of running with treadmill oil for belt. Factory grease change intervals are usually specified in the machine’s instruction manual.

Remember that regular mineral or synthetic oil is not suitable for servicing your treadmill. Lubrication of the tape is carried out with special silicone-based materials.

More details on how to lubricate a treadmill and how to correctly determine the need for it – later in the article.


If during the workout there is a displacement of the belt to the side, it is necessary to center it by tightening the left or right adjusting screws.

As a result, the tape should lie correctly, but not necessarily strictly in the center – the main thing is that during movement it does not touch the stationary elements of the simulator.

Tension adjustment

Check the blade tension at least once a month. In a normally taut condition, it can be raised in the central part above the deck by 3-5 cm without any special efforts. A loose belt can slip and knock off during movement, and an over-tensioned belt is prone to premature wear.

Replacing the Ribbon

The treadmill belt is a consumable item. It is constantly exposed to stress, especially under conditions of improper use and irregular maintenance.

The belt requires replacement in the following cases: excessive heating, slippage or periodic slowing down, deformation (appearance of bubbles, tears), erasing the tape from the inside, acquiring a white color, and an unpleasant odor during operation.

What happens if you don’t lubricate the canvas?

In the absence of regular lubrication with treadmill silicone lubricant, all parts of the treadmill experience increased stress, as a result of which:

  • The PVC sheet wears out quickly and starts to slip
  • Moving parts and the engine overheat unnecessarily, may be damaged
  • The drive belt stretches from the engine to the belt
  • In the process of contact of the foot with the surface of the running belt, there is strong tension and friction, which has negative consequences for the entire system.

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