Why There Should Be Regular Lubrication Of Your Treadmill?

Depending on the use, treadmills are divided into professional and home treadmills. The former are used in fitness clubs, the latter at home.

Even if you have an expensive professional track at home, the features and regularity of lubricating its canvas are the same as those of a normal one. Everything is determined by the intensity and time of continuous work of the treadmill.

At home, only family members run on the track – several hours a day, in the gym – the flow of people involved is most often continuous.

As you can imagine, there are differences between a gentle home treadmill and a professional treadmill designed for continuous use in commercial gyms.

Depending on the power of the engine, the maximum allowable continuous running time of the home treadmill is in the order of 40-60 minutes.

After that, it is imperative to take a 10-15 minute break and only when the walking belt and the electric motor have cooled down can you start again.

Home tracks should be lubricated approximately every 300 km (or every 60 hours of operation). Do not be lazy to periodically check the condition of the deck (backing board). Raise the belt in the centre, run your hand over the deck, if it is dry, and after running it is still hot – it’s time to lubricate!

First you need to decide which lubricant for treadmills is more suitable for us. Sports equipment manufacturers recommend using ONLY silicone grease for this without additional additives.

You can buy treadmill lubricant spray can (this shape makes lubrication much easier) or use a liquid silicone lubricant for professional maintenance.

This spray is very convenient to use, but it is better to use it for servicing home treadmill, since the spray, unlike liquid lubricant, has a very low viscosity and evaporates quite quickly.

And if this is not critical for a home track, then in professional treadmill, a lack of lubrication can cause damage to the supporting deck, premature wear of the running belt and failure of the drive motor.

So, how do we lubricate the treadmill with silicone spray? It’s pretty simple!

All you have to do is lift the belt and spray the silicone evenly over the entire length of the deck on both sides. When doing this, try to get the grease closer to the centre.

Then run the treadmill at a low speed and walk a little on it, this will allow the lubricant to be evenly distributed over the platter and belt.

After applying the silicone, it is necessary to run the track and disperse the silicone over the entire surface of the canvas. To do this, you can stand on the canvas so that the silicone spreads more evenly over the canvas. Then check with your hand the condition of the inner surface of the blade.

During the first days of operation, excess silicone can show through at the edges of the canvas – remove them with a rag. This lubrication step for home and professional tracks is absolutely identical.

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