Royal Enfield Chain Lube

Why to Get and How to Use Chain Lube for Royal Enfield?

Motorcycle chain maintenance is frequently overlooked in India, with even official motorcycle service outlets failing to perform this critical technique correctly on occasion. The chain that transmits power to your motorcycle’s rear wheel, and a dry or noisy one can have a considerable impact on its performance. The good news is that doing it yourself isn’t that difficult. You merely need to get your hands on a high-quality product, such as Royal Enfield Chain LubeDon’t waste your time reading this site because we’ll show you how to clean.

The Procedure For Doing So Is As Follows:

Jack up your motorbike: Place your motorcycle on a flat place, either on a paddock stand or on its primary stand..

Wash the chain: Motorcycle chains are filthy, and the quantity of dirt they collect in countries like ours where roads aren’t cleaned on a regular basis would astound you. Because of their oily surface and position on the motorcycle, open chains attract dirt and dust like magnets, which is why most commuter motorcycles in India have enclosed chain covers. However, with the emergence of sportier commuters and even new sports bike models, open chains have become more common. Because these chains are exposed to the outdoors, they soon become unclean, and the first thing they require is a thorough cleaning.

Clean the chain: As with many things, preparation is essential, and simply washing the chain will not suffice. It requires thorough cleaning; start by spraying it with a chain cleaner. There are many different types of chain cleaners on the market; you can choose from any reputable brand. Allow it to soak for a few minutes before beginning to clean the chain with the chain cleaning brush. Scrub vigorously. Finally, wipe off the entire chain with a cloth to ensure that the sludgy black hue has faded and the chain has returned to its former gleaming metallic brilliance. Depending on when you last cleaned it, the time it took may vary.

Lube the chain: The final and most satisfying step is to lube the chain with Royal Enfield Chain Lube. Ensure that you spray in brief spurts and on each chain link. Take care not to over-lube, and avoid getting any on the back tyre. Holding a piece of cardboard behind the chain to keep the overspray under control is a useful idea.


Who doesn’t want to keep their bicycles in good condition? After a few months/years of ownership, it’s common to neglect your bike’s maintenance and care. There are a few easy things you should do on a regular basis to keep your bike in good shape. You can simply do it with a high-quality product like Royal Enfield Chain Lube. At Kangaroo Autocare, you can choose from a wide number of options.

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