Why Treadmill Lubrication Is So Important

Whatever the situation, many of us have this mission to stay in shape. To do so, we invest quite a lot of money on fitness equipment. Due to its versatility, a treadmill is considered to be most ideal for home set ups. But here is the thing; buying treadmill is not all you need to do and just forget about it.

You need to devote your time in its maintenance as well. Let’s face it. Treadmill does not come cheap and a malfunctioning out of poor maintenance will only add to your expenses. So you are better off investing on a treadmill lubrication spray.

The reason which makes treadmills lubrication so important is the fact that it prevents the motor getting overworked, a direct reason why treadmills malfunction or eventually does not run smooth as they used to before. Therefore, a sluggish belt or worse – sticking, should be considered a red flag.

A major advantage of using a treadmill lubrication spray is that of being able to keep l keep the noise down and make running quieter and more comfortable. It is highly advised you get your machine lubricated at least once in month or whenever the treadmill is showing the signs of slowing down.

There is always a question as to you need to lubricate the belt of a new treadmill. The short answer is yes.  Most manufacturers recommend applying lubrication before its first use.  While treadmills should be lubricated when they come out of the factory they can be sat in warehouses for a few months before arriving with the final customer.

The result; a chain process of regular lubrication is broken and the treadmill may break down and become sticky, this can degrade the performance of the treadmill.

Hence, we advise you avoid the use cheap lubricant or oil , unless of course these types of lubricants are specifically recommended by the manufacturer.

While there are some treadmills that are up for sale and can be used straightaway without any lubrication and others arrive pre-waxed, so it always a good idea to go through all the use and maintenance instruction in the company’s user manual before going for treadmill belt lubricant purchase.

To conclude, we would like to reiterate that the belt to your treadmill is a critical part of the machine and needs to be looked after in the correct manner.

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