Why Treadmill Lubrication Is Vital

There is no denying the fact that every tool and equipment requires maintenance. Whether simple or complex in build, a snag of even the smallest kind can cause malfunction. The theory holds the truth  for treadmills as well, a fitness training equipment used daily in home and gymnasiums. The very simple reason as to why the treadmills need lubrication and the due maintenance is that every moving part of the treadmill causes friction. The the higher the amount of friction, the more stress it adds to the machine thereby making each component to work harder. Therefore, the treadmill lubricant spray is more than essential for the right maintenance of your treadmill.

By and large the purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction as well as dispersing heat. By reducing the amount of friction between the belt and deck surfaces, you can actually see the whole drive system run more efficiently minus the friction. We always wonder which is the best treadmill oil for belt. Earlier it used to be paraffin but now it has been replaced by silicone. One must also keep in mind that there is no point in using a non-approved lubricant or else it may result in “cotton candy belt”. The treadmill belt of most of the manufacturers are two-ply i.e. the rubber layer meant for walking or running has another layer which has the cotton underside that glides along the deck surface. Considering the delicate things used to make the treadmill belt, it is highly advised not to use the unapproved lubricants as they can potentially break down those cotton fibers, causing them to begin scraping off as they run along the deck surface. The result; you get to see the formation of fibers getting accumulated in clumps similar to cotton candy under the treadmill belt, in your motor compartment, and around your machine. The disintegration of the belt leads to increase in friction levels. Long story short, the unapproved lubricants are a big no.

Usage of treadmill oil for belt has its own methods and amount to consider. Make sure you do not squirt more than a few ouces of treadmill lubricant. Also, you need to be wary of not spraying it on the walking belt which might risk an injury. Another question is whether you can overlubricate. Of course you can, only the excess lubricant should be absorbed by the internal motor control and should not flung on the outer surface instead. Be sure to follow these tips and you would see your treadmill function for years.

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