Your Guide To Motorbike Maintenance

Your Guide To Motorbike Maintenance

Let’s set the precedent straightaway. You do not have to be a bike mechanic with tons of experience just for taking basic care and maintenance of your bikes. All it takes is a bit of dedication, the passion to make your bike stand out, and some best available Chain Lubricant in India. Motorbike enthusiasts would agree that they form an unbreakable bond with their bikes. Hence, it is better to pay heed to the smallest of bike issues like chain noises and odd vibrations before your bike falls apart.

Here is what you can do more often to ensure your bike runs smoothly:

  • Pre-ride checks– Before you set out on a journey, do a customary check-up of your bike. Start the bike and give its engine a rev. This is done to warm up the bike and it also stirs up the engine oil that sits low when the bike is not in use.
  • Chain maintenance– As one of the most vital components of the bike, your chain must be in perfect or at least in near-perfect condition all the time. There should not be any room for dirt to accumulate as it forms dust and weakens the chain’s link due to rusting. This is the reason why you need Chain Lubricant in India to clean up the bike chains. You need to be wary of the chain’s fitting at the same time because the chains can neither be tightened too much nor left loose.
  • Liquids– Once again, the importance of Chain Lubricant in India is of the highest amount. While most of us would feel assured of bike maintenance once we are done with chain cleaning, we must realize that it is equally important to oil the engine, clutch, and cooling system.
  • Brakes– Checking brakes regularly regardless of the use case is a good practice. Once you are satisfied that there is enough liquid in the brake mechanism to keep its application safe, you are set to go.
  • Air-filters– They are not necessarily considered as a component that serves the bike externally but they are a vital component anyway. It goes without saying that dirty filters affect the bike’s performance in a negative way. Cleaning the air filter is a good move to start with. Air filters should be cleaned with the ideal cleaner to boost performance. Once the used liquid gets tried, you are all set to coat a light layer of engine oil.

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