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Choosing Sprockets

One of the easiest ways to give your bike snappier acceleration and feel like it has a lot more power is a simple sprocket change. It’s an easy job to do, but the hard part is figuring out what size sprockets to replace your stock ones with and also its subsequent maintenance using the best bike chain lubricant in India.

It’s all About the Gearing Ratio

Gearing ratio can be explained as the ratio of teeth between the front and rear sprockets. This is also a determiner as to how engine RPM is translated into wheel speed by the bike. A change in sprocket sizes, front or rear, will also change this ratio, and therefore change the way your bike puts power to the ground. OEM gear ratios are not always ideal for a given bike or riding style, so if you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had better acceleration, and that the bike lugs around at low speeds, it is advised that you alter your current gear ratio into something that’s more suitable for you.

Cleaning and maintaining the bike is thus a vital cog for the bikes to function in all the terrains. This can also ensure that you avert any sort of accident or a loss of money in the process of repairing a major damage to the bikes.

Car and bikes cleaning and maintenance has come a long way in India and more owners have finally realized it is more than just cleaning the bikes with hair shampoo that’d do their vehicle good! With Kangaroo Autocare products, they get an all-round cleaning solution which is most noble to the car and bike’s exterior paint and effective in cleaning the dirt off. Bring home Kangaroo Autocare products and you need not have to worry a bit about splashes of mud or a rusty bike chain.

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