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How to Clean a Motorbike Or a Scooter

Are you proud of your new two-wheeler purchase but you do not know how to clean it? This pattern will teach you how to clean and polish your bike quickly and easily. There are two good reasons why cleaning the bike should be a priority for anyone who owns a two-wheeled vehicle: not only because regular maintenance ensures the smooth running of your motorbike or scooter, thus reducing the risk of breakdowns, but also because your bike will always be shiny. The cleaning of the bike takes time and effort, but it is possible to reduce the output to a minimum if you do not clean it regularly.

How to clean a motorcycle in 8 steps

One of the first questions regarding motorbike polish in Delhi is how to apply the product: with a brush or with a sponge? The best way is to use them both for different parts of the vehicle. Here’s how to clean a motorcycle using both a brush and a sponge:


Sponges must be used for larger surfaces; they are not particularly exposed to the most stubborn dirt.

On the bodywork and the frame of the motorbike or scooter, apply a solution based on a specific detergent for motorcycles, both horizontally, from the front to the rear, and from top to bottom. Test this method on a little-hidden area before applying it on the entire frame.

For stubborn stains and encrusted insects, it may be necessary to keep the sponge in the shallow area for a couple of minutes to soften the dirt.

When the sponge is very dirty, wash it. Dirty sponges can scratch paint and metal. Some motorcyclists use a soft cloth as an alternative to the sponge.

Rinse with clean water, but remember to do it gently, and if you want to use a hose to water, do not aim the jet directly on the vulnerable areas.


It is good to use the brush on all the other areas of the motorbike. Not only do the cleaning of the bike is much more comfortable, allowing you to reach all corners, but also help protect the most delicate parts of the bike from an energetic scrubbing.

The suspension and brake calipers can be cleaned with a brush. Use a unique brush to clean the bike, or any other type of medium bristle brush, such as an old toothbrush, a laundry brush, or a brush.

You can also use the brush to clean the exhaust pipes and the engine. These parts heat up when the engine is running, so we advise you to remember two things: let the bike cool entirely before cleaning, and keep in mind that it will be more difficult to clean these areas, as the heat will dry the dirt and make it more difficult to clean.

Do not forget areas such as fenders, license plates or pins, but be careful when cleaning around any sealed parts. Motorbike polish manufacturer in India advise you to avoid washing the gaskets to prevent them from loosening.

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