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Cleaning up Your Motorcycles Chain with Lubricants the Right Way

The chain of a motorcycle is like the veins which relay the power from the flywheel to the rear tyre. No wonder if the chain is not lubricated well with the available chain lubricant in Delhi then the bike is certain to fail in having the right amount of tension, and can face transmissions losses, experience jerks when you accelerate and in some cases, may even end up breaking it. Therefore, a routine lubrication of the bike chain is very necessary as the motorcycle’s engine power is transmitted to the rear wheel in a noise-free, efficient and smooth manner. Also, the chain tension should be checked and tweaked from time to time. So let us take a look at how the motorcycle’s chain should be lubed and cleaned to ensure it functions optimally.

1. Keep all your tools well sorted out- Too basic and yet too important to follow; a motorcycle’s cleaning and lubing must be done with all the necessary tools required to carry out the procedure. By and large, a pair of large spanners to loosen the axle and sprocket and a smaller spanner to tighten the chain is what you’ll require. But it must also be taken into consideration that each bike is customizable and have different design which also dictates the positioning of the bike is very important. The best way to do it is by keeping the bike on the center stand as it gives easy maneuverability to you while applying the chain lube & chain cleaner.

2. Adjustment of the chain- The adjustment of chain tension is a simple procedure but there are some things that you have to be careful about anyway. The most important being avoiding any kind of over-tightening of the chain. This is for a simple reason that it may lead to breakage, increased sprocket wear and reduced functioning of the rear suspension. At the same time it is not advisable to leave it under-tightened too, as the motorcycle will operate in a noisy, jerky manner in that case, and may off the sprocket as well. Ideally, an inch of slack is somewhat permissible, and that’s what you should aim for while adjusting the tension. Alignment of the wheel is very important. In order to have it done, use the markers for axle and sprocket nuts on either side of the swing-arm.

3. Cleaning and lubrication- Once you have tightened the chain, the bike is all set to get cleaned up and lube it as well. However, never put the motorcycle in gear and use its engine power to move the chain while cleaning or applying the bike chain lube as it may cause injury. Try and rotate the wheel in neutral gear while using your hand to avoid any such injury. After the proper cleaning of the chain, the lubricant must be evenly applied from top and ensure that it has entered the inner parts of the chain properly. You can also ensure better performance and sustenance if your bike is cleaned and lubricated every 500 km for optimum performance.

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