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Cleaning Your Car Dearest

As a car enthusiast, you know for sure that maintaining the quality and finish of your car’s paintwork is vital. Even the smallest dents of scrapes can make your car look hideous. The doors and the hinges also add to the trouble but that is a different story altogether. Therefore, to get an all-round car exterior maintenance, a car polish is an essential product to anyone who is seeking to maintain their vehicle in its best condition. Thus, the car polish manufacturers in India do their best to preserve the car’s value and owner’s sanity. But when you are polishing your car, you need to make sure you do the job correctly. So let us have a look at what is to be done:

Car dashboard polish

  • Many people fail to realize is that polish from the car polish manufacturers in India is abrasive and its purpose is to remove defects. Now with modern cars, you are not touching the paint at all, but the polishing process removes a small amount of clear coat as it is the clear coat that gets damaged. The polish is designed to eliminate that damage this could be anything from watermarks, fine scratches, acid rain or swirl marks.
  • Once you are done with polishing, it should not be treated as the final process. It is not recommendable to leave it there either as the paint remains unprotected. The polishing stage is usually a preparation stage before applying either a ceramic-type sealant or carnauba wax.
  • There is a difference between machine and hand polishing. It is highly advised that you do not use a lower end market polish as they may contain chalk fillers. Machine polishes are good but they won’t be a necessity for all the kids of polishing to remove the marks.

Kangaroo Auto care has been covering these corners so you do not have to rush to your car dealer complaining of the coat of paint that might have worn out due to the use of dodgy polishing and cleaning products. The car wax we produce has the right blend carnauba wax and other cleaners that keep the car’ sheen long-lasting. Car care is as important as keeping any vehicle’s running condition stable. Therefore, we manufacture the best of car and bike polishes, cleaners with useful accessories so you can get all-round worth for the money spent on these items.

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