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Common Motorbike Fails That a Biker Should Look Into

Riding your motorbike through the streets and flying high with air in the mountains is a very satisfying experience for an avid biker. The heavy-duty “beast”, as they take on the roads and reach the destination in no time. But the sad fact remains that most of the bikers fail to address the problems that motorbikes are often subjected to. The mistakes or the fails are too common in occurrence. And yet most of the bikers simply ignore them until the time it turns into major damage.

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Let’s take a look at the common fails:

  1. Using the wrong lubricant- When it comes to lubricating the chain with the best bike chain lubricant in India, any lube left on the outside of the rollers and links is just collecting dirt and grit. Gradually, this may lead increased wear and quite the mess for worse. While lubing, make sure that he lubricant settles in well in the chambers and the excess dripping lube is wiped off with a rag. Lubing on top of dirty lube is a surefire way to make your bike angry at you. Regardless of how many kilometres your bike runs, it always a good practice to wipe down your chain with a clean rag after every ride. Do not forget to give the rear wheel a good wipe too.
  2. Lubing the brakes to fix the shrieks- Lubing your brakes when they make shrieks, the grease or oil may not be an option to fix it. If you’re using rim brakes, a lot remains to be seen as to how the brake pads are set up. Set up the brake pads properly with toe-in to avoid the dreaded squeal. If your pads are old and worn out, replace them with quieter brake pads. The disc brakes, unfortunately, have no fixes for stopping the squeals. However, most of the time it’s a sign of contamination. Cleaning the rotors and replacing the pads should be made a regular habit especially during the rainy season.
  3. Inadequately inflated tyre- It is a common fail and can even cost dearly as poorly inflated tyres can cause a imbalance in the bike rider’s movements at a high speed and can even cause grave accidents. One should be wary of the tyre condition and also check for any damage at the top layer as well as the tube.
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