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Dashboard Polishing and Cleaning Needs

What can please the eyes of the car enthusiast more than the beautiful and well-groomed look of his car? During operation, a natural process occurs – the interior parts lose their original appearance. The instrument panel can burn out from the influence of ultraviolet radiation; it can appear in the form of microcracks. Due to road dust, nicotine gums, the shine of details from plastic, vinyl, and paint disappears.

To solve this problem, various polishes come in to help the driver, which can breathe fresh and restore the original beauty and brilliance to the details of the car’s interior.

All plastic parts of the interior are to be polished, but particular attention should be given to the “dashboard” – the front panel of the car.

Today, many car polish manufacturers in Delhi provide polishing services to the car panel, guaranteeing high quality output, but you can independently take care of your car.

For work, it is necessary to prepare not only the purchased polish but also a clean rag, a sponge. The material for this work should be chosen without pile so that there is no adhesion to the surface.

Among the vast assortment of polishes for the car panel presented on the market, it is essential to choose precisely the best polish for car dashboard that you need.

Due to various chemicals that are part of polishes (insoluble pigments and dyes, silicone compounds, complex wax combinations), they have such fundamental properties:

  • Clean dust, road dirt;
  • hide scratches;
  • provide a reliable long-term protective coating of the panel surface against premature aging and cracking;
  • restore the original color and shine;
  • give the panel surface dirt and water repellent properties;
  • having a pleasant smell provides freshness to the salon.

Polishes are of two types – glossy and matte. Glossy ones usually contain silicone in the composition and form a shiny antistatic film on the surface, which gives the panels an updated look. Bright polishes can refine the group, even from cheap plastic. Polyols with a matte effect can eliminate excessive gloss. Due to this, it is possible to avoid the unsafe and unfriendly reflection of the dashboard in the windshield.

If the instrument panel is heavily soiled, it is recommended to pre-treat it with a cleaner before polishing the car’s torpedo.

This is a great topic of debate as some workshops consider as part “normal or common” in the repainted process to finish polishing the car to correct the following defects such as:

  • Orange peel
  • Drained
  • Pollution by impurities.

It is important to note that the defects above can be corrected with the polishing process without altering the finish and high-quality thicknesses. The contamination defect by dust impurities is acceptable as long as the sanding process is only a much-localized sanding or sanding to remove minute dust particles, the lower the time used it means a better method, technique, and facilities which decreases the labor costs and materials used.

In fact, with the polishing process, the defects of orange peel can be corrected and drained; however, the costs of labor time and material will considerably increase the value of the operation. Remember that this type of defects are generated by a wrong application of finishing paints and are avoidable and dependent on the knowledge and skill of the technician. So if polishing is applied, it will be considered a re-work.

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