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Do I Need to Polish a Car Before Winter?

Many drivers are interested in why polishing is needed for the winter. Indeed, in wet weather, in slush, even the cleanest car becomes dirty in a matter of minutes. And so it’s completely not logical to polish a car for the winter because the shine of a car at this time is useless.

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But every driver was always indignant in winter that the reagents and salts that sprinkled on the road terribly affect the car body. Corrosion of metal increases. The paintwork collapses. The varnish is fading. Matting surface. And in such a season it is completely absurd to demand brightness of colour and gloss from an icy body. We will try to explain how to deal with this below.

Before you learn how to protect the body, you first need to understand what polishing is and what types of polishing are.

According to car polish manufacturers in India, car polishing is the process of bringing a car’s paintwork to the factory state by mechanical action on it (a polishing machine with different circles and pastes, or chemical compositions), providing visual and physical properties to the varnish (gloss, hydrophobicity, ultra-high-strength, etc.). Polishing the car body is generally divided into three types- restoration polishing, abrasive polishing, and protective polishing. And so, we will analyze each polishing by bones.

Restorative polishing of the car body is necessary when your well-groomed car has slightly faded and many small scratches have appeared from the sinks. In other words, it is necessary to make a varnish correction, so that the car regains its deep and rich color and mirror shine. The process of restoration polishing consists of two stages.

Depending on the varnish of the car, the necessary 2 pastes and 2 circles are selected. If the car brand is German, then the varnish is very hard – the correction takes about two days of work. If the car brand is Japanese or Korean, then there the varnish is softer and you need to spend a little less time on it- 1-1.5 days.

Abrasive polishing of a car body necessary when your car is badly scratched, the gloss is completely absent, and the surface of the varnish is matte. In this case, you need to polish the car in three stages. Initially, depending on the varnish, you need to choose 3 pastes with different types of abrasiveness and select the necessary circle for each paste. The first stage is the longest and most laborious. It takes half the total polishing time required.

The essence of this process is to remove the entire dead layer of varnish. Usually, in painting workshops at the first stage, they use sandpaper, arguing that 100% of all scratches are removed. They erase a huge amount of varnish from your car, thereby making it more vulnerable to the environment, and then with one universal paste give the varnish a shiny look.

Hard wax or various best polish for car dashboard. The essence of this composition is the usual grinding on the entire surface of the varnish. Wax is clogged in all small cracks. And after wiping it in a circular motion, the body begins to shine, and scratches become less visible. Such coverage is usually not enough for a long time – from 1 day to 3-4 months. But its price is appropriate.

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