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Explained: Car Wax and Why It is the Ultimate Product for Your Car’s Face Lift

For most of the casual and non-regular car washers and owners, a simple car wash of water is enough for the clean-up job. The most they would do is adding some hair shampoo to the cleaning water just in case there is a hard stain to get rid of. But a passionate and purist car owner shall never undermine the importance of a car wax made by the car wax manufacturers in India. Car waxing is like a magic property which gives instant sheen to the dull looking car even though it has been washed with water for a significant number of hours.

Car Wax

So what exactly is a car wax?

 So far as the composition of the car wax goes, it is a car cleaning product which has come a long way since it was first developed way back in 1800 using animal fats to polish and shine carriages. It is obvious that the composition has come a long way ever since. These days the car waxes may be defined as hard hydrocarbon at room temperature. The waxes can come from natural sources like carnauba – which is made from the wax on the leaves of the carnauba plant – or you can have palm waxes, and you can even find waxes in hydrocarbons like coal. There are also other variants of car waxes manufactured by the car wax manufacturers in India which are made of silicones. But there is a catch. It is a hard material which can pose difficulty in spreading a hard material on the surface. Hence, the solvents and oils are added to the mix to make a more malleable substance.

Another form of famous car wax is carnauba wax which is plant-based, vegetable wax that is produced from the Brazilian palm tree known as the “Tree of Life”. It is the most preferred wax of car enthusiasts and collectors which is why it is commonly treated as the ultimate wax base for many car wax formulations. Natural carnauba is blended with oils, petroleum distillates, solvents, and other like ingredients in order to be worked into a usable car wax product.

What use does a car wax have?

The use or rather the utility is the most basic and yet the most important one; to add as a protective layer on the cleaned car against the nasty dirt flowing in the free air thereby protecting the car from the UV rays as well. The pollutants have the potential to ruin the paint’s coat in the car. Adding a car wax can thus blanket the car’s surface against such damages.

As for the time which is most suited for applying car wax, it is advised that the car wax be used at the very end. Under no conditions should you polish the car after waxing. Start with applying small but decent amount of car wax without smearing in one part of the car frequently. Keep the applications of the car wax even without much smudging.

In conclusion, it can be said that the car wax is the best product to be used for protecting your car for long hours under the sun or even when it has gone through a rough ride on a rainy day which takes a toll on the car’s surface.

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