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Facts About Polishing a Car Body

Even a new car that has just come off the assembly line can have the smallest defects in the paintwork that cannot be seen with the naked eye. What can we say about the seasoned “iron horses” that went through with their owner’s snow, rain and bad roads! Chips, scratches, abrasions of the top layer of varnish – with each trip they appear more and more. Smoothing them and protecting the body helps to polish the body.

    1. Body polishing is of three types

Protective polishing with epoxy is the most affordable option made available by the car polish manufacturers in Delhi. The effect of it lasts up to six months. With such polishing do not use abrasive materials. At the same time, an epoxy-based polish covers the body with an additional thin layer that protects the bonds from moisture, reagents, scratches, and burnout in the sun.

  1. Polishing the body will protect against rust

Scratches and chips of the paintwork not only spoil the appearance but are also fraught with the appearance of rust. Even the smallest defects make the car body vulnerable. If you do not pay attention to them for a long time, sooner or later corrosion will begin, and soon only full painting can save the body. To avoid this, it is recommended to polish the body on time, which will ensure its restoration and protection.

  1. Body polishing can be integrated and local

With complex polishing, all body parts are processed. This is the most popular option for car owners. However, in a situation where it is necessary to eliminate chips and scratches on a certain part of the body, and all the other parts are in perfect order, you can resort to local polishing.

  1. Polishing the body will safeguard your car

The finest protective layer created during polishing fills scratches and chips and makes the body perfectly smooth. Thanks to this dirt and reagents there is simply nothing to catch on. Therefore, a polished machine stays clean longer, less dirty – and you will not have to wash it as often as before. Given that frequent washes scratch the paintwork – you will not only save on washing but also protect the coating from scratches.

  1. It is recommended to polish in early spring

Car polish manufacturers in India advise to carry out protective polishing of the body after the winter. It’s no secret that frost, moisture, and reagents during the winter can damage the paintwork, and sending the car to polish you can get rid of the devastating effects of the atmosphere in your car.

  1. The new car also needs to be polished

It only seems that a car that has recently left the assembly line will do without polishing. In fact, fresh paintwork is very unstable, it easily forms scratches, cracks, and chips. And that means he needs protection. It is impossible to polish a newly released car, you need to wait 5-7 months until the paint is well fixed on the body. After that, it is recommended to do the first polishing.

  1. Hand polishing is not safe for paintwork

Body polishing will only be beneficial when carried out with the right technology. For this, we need special conditions: equipped room, professional tools, high-quality polishing compounds, and an experienced craftsman. All of this can be provided only by specialists.

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