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How to Get Best Results in Car Polishing?

The purpose of polishing a car is to restore the vehicle’s original brilliance. This process, which occurs after washing the car, removes the thin coat of paint from the bodywork, then brings out the original paint giving it a new shine. Polishing the body requires a good mastery of the technique to give your vehicle the best overall appearance.

How to polish a car: the key steps

There is no single technique for car polishing. However, to maintain the exterior appearance of the vehicle at a good level, it is recommended to polish the car about every two months. As mentioned above, the polishing of the bodywork should only take place after washing the vehicle. To avoid favoring the appearance of traces of soap after washing, the user must make sure to place his vehicle in an area not exposed to the sun.


The polishing operation will be all the more effective if the surface of the automobile is cold and the rinsing of the outside has made it possible to remove any residual presence of soap. During the passage of the sponge, the user must be careful to clean the areas with scratches or cracks and this, by circular motions around and on the incriminated spaces. A meticulous rinsing is the beginning of polishing.

For effective polishing, car polish manufacturers in Delhi suggest using some equipment preferred among which is a polisher. Certain high-speed models offer very satisfactory results and make it possible to effectively treat all the visible asperities while giving a surplus of brightness to the bodywork. For a car polish, the user can also use an orbital polisher whose cost is lower but whose effect will be less durable over time. If the user wants to polish his car manually, be aware that the operation will be long and tedious.

It is normal that over time the paint of our car will lose the brightness that it had when it just left the dealership. Many factors cause this deterioration: the sun, the rain, and the crashes, among others. Hence the importance of polishing the vehicle correctly.

However, there are some errors that every person and even mechanics, make when polishing a car. Errors that affect not only the paint of the vehicle but also our pocket.

Errors when polishing a vehicle

The first mistake according to car polish manufacturers in India, and the most serious of all, we usually see in the streets of the city, some cars walk with the polish put on the vehicle: a white layer that covers the paint on the car. As we said, this is a grave mistake. Polishing a car takes time. There are places where they do it by hand, and it takes about a whole day to make it look good. There are other sites where they perform this work by machine, taking at least three hours.

However, the plight of many customers to have the car ready makes the vehicle with the polish worn. But what they do not know is that the dust and dirt of the city attract many particles to said polish. So when polishing the car, these particles scratch and damage your paint.

The second error, which is not least significant, is given mostly by the mechanics. And this is when they polish a vehicle in full sunlight. The problem with this is that the sun heats the polish on the car, which can cause the vehicle’s paint to stain. It is advisable that if this work is done in the day or afternoon, do it under shade.

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