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Get Long-Term Bike Care With a Value Pack

Let’s face it. For many people out there, a bike is not just a two-wheeled mechanized vehicle but a lifeline. After all, it lets them cover the distance to their destinations on a daily basis. Many people also fall into the category that enjoys biking however the road and weather conditions are poor and not fit for the activity. This opens up the possibility of damage to a bike’s vitals. One such vital component is the chain which is always exposed to the rough surfaces and this leads to their eventual wear out. It goes without saying that the best bike chain lubricant in India is the only saving grace.

bike chain lubricant

Much as we need them, there is also a sense or rather a concern that bike chain maintenance could turn out to be a costly affair and shall keep piling on the monthly expenses. But we at Kangaroo Auto Care not only strive to deliver on the best quality bike and cleaning solutions, but we are also equally active in churning out the best deals with monetary benefits to our loyal customer base. Therefore, we have introduced a 4-pack combo of Kangaroo Chain Lube Grease Spray. That’s right!  A pack of four so that you do not have to keep on purchasing one canister after the other anymore.

A pricey bike cleaning solution can always put a customer in a spot of bother as there the cost of maintaining a bike is multidimensional which includes paying for the fuel as well. With a bike chain cleaning kit coming at a standard price that further gets hugely discounted on the purchase of four-pack, the deal is not only enticing but also easy on the pocket for the customer. Overall, a win-win deal for all.

Talking more about the bike chain cleaning solution, it comes in a semi-transparent form meant to penetrate deeply into the pins and bushings of chains and creates a long-lasting low friction coating of a semi-transparent lubricating film with outstanding resistance to water wash-off and high speed fling which helps maximize power transfer and reduce wear shale offering superior protection against metal corrosion and aggressive environments.

Kangaroo Auto Care aims to continue with providing the best cleaning and maintenance tools and kits under the same platform so you get the most user-friendly experience. In addition, we also have paved ways for interested individuals willing to tag along as franchisees for all our listed products online.

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