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How to Care for a New Car

The engine and electronic systems of the new machines do not need special maintenance, they will only need control. But the body and interior of the new car must be monitored closely.

Car body care of a new car

Two things help to keep the body of a new car in perfect condition – proper washing and polishing.


There are a number of simple car wash rules, the implementation of which will ensure the safety of the paintwork for many years:

  • First of all, during cleaning, remove the top layer of dust and dirt. To do this, use water jets under powerful pressure. Watering the car from a bucket is not recommended since with such a wash the main layer of dirt remains on the body;
  • Do not wipe off dirt stains and dust with rags or sponges so as not to scratch the top layer of the coating and thereby open them to access the inner layers of paint;
  • Remember that household detergents for car washing are not suitable. Most of them have degreasing properties that can damage the thinnest top coat. The damage will entail the inevitable oxidation of body parts;
  • Try not to wash the car immediately after a trip or in direct sunlight. Heat makes wax and other polishing materials less effective;
  • Start washing from the roof, moving down to the thresholds and lower parts of the bumpers. This should be done so that the washed away dirt drains and does not linger on previously washed body parts;
  • If you wash your car in a gravel-covered area, do not use powerful jets of water – the dust raised by them will settle on a washed body.


New cars differ from used cars in that their coatings are still too soft and fragile, they are easily damaged, which can only be saved by using the correct polish provided by car scratch remover manufacturers in Delhi. It will not only eliminate defects in the paintwork but also give it shine and protect the body from erosion. Many experts recommend polishing the body immediately after buying a car. Such a measure would be untimely, but the benefits of it cannot be denied.

Understanding when the time comes for applying to polish is not difficult. To do this, after washing, spend on the most vulnerable parts of the body (front of the hood, front bumper and lower parts of the doors) with a soft, dry cloth or finger. Polishing will be necessary if the finger sticks to the surface or a creak is heard.

It is better to entrust the polishing of the body to professionals who use the best quality polish produced by the car dashboard polish manufacturers in Delhi, but if you want to do it yourself, then:

  • Apply polymer polishing agent to a microfiber or specialized lint-free cloth;
  • Rub the polish gently into the surface in a circular motion;
  • Apply the product to all parts of the body, even those that have not been damaged;
  • Remove excess after polishing.

Car Interior Maintenance

After buying a new car, pay special attention to the interior. Regular removal of dust and washing mats here will not be enough, care should be deeper. The rules for caring for a salon depending on the type of materials used in its decoration. It can be leather, fabric, vinyl or plastic.

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