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How to Choose Scratch Remover?

Scratch removal products offer a practical way to improve the appearance of your vehicle in a short time. Scratches are inevitable during routine use or washing processes. On the other hand, painting the entire body can be very costly to improve the appearance of your vehicle.

With scratch remedies, you can repair problem areas of your vehicle in a short time and save money and time without costly maintenance. Given the variety of car care products, buying the right product can be confusing. By better understanding your needs and basic product types, you can easily choose the best scratch removers that will help your vehicle look gorgeous.

How to Choose Scratch Remover?

Scratch removers are produced in three types as abrasives, scratch kits, and polishers according to the application area. You can find products produced in the form of liquids or pastes, depending on the method of use.

Factors such as the depth and length of the scratch formed to determine what kind of product you should interfere with. For this reason, you need to make sure that you choose the best product according to the way it is drawn.

For example, some products provided by car scratch remover manufacturers in India can repair surface scratches, while others can reach a little deeper. Most cars have three layers on top of bare metal. These are primer, paint, and polish. A small or shallow scratch usually does not reach the paint layer.

On the other hand, a large or deep scratch affects the paint, primer or metal. Small scratches can usually be removed by rubbing them with varnish products.

For superficial and light scratches, you can use quick scratch removers or touch-up paints. Slight scratches cause illusions of light caused by damage to the transparent coating of your vehicle.

The light reflection consisting of the level difference between the layers is more prominent, especially in dark cars. Scratch removers make the surface smooth, allowing light to reflect, making the scratch invisible.

On the other hand, you may need to use paste polish products for deeper scratches that affect the paint layer of the vehicle.

How is Scratch Remover Applied?

Before applying, wash the surface with car shampoo and remove all the dirt. Apply the product after the surface is completely dry.

You can apply your scratch remover by hand or with a polishing machine according to the instructions for use.

For the best result in light scratches, you can apply the product by applying a moderate force to the area drawn with a microfiber towel or pad. However, you may need to sand for deeper scratches.

You can make the surface ready for application with a sanding pad, sandpaper or an abrasive tool accessory. You can use the accessories included in the package for the products sold in the kit by car scratch remover manufacturer in Delhi.

Lightly sanding using very little pressure until the scratch disappears and the surface starts to look dull, resulting in a smooth surface.

After repairing the scratches, you can polish your car to make it look flawless. Since most of the fast scratch remover products contain additional polishers, you may not need to polish.

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