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How to Make Your Car Super Shiny in Just a Few Steps?

We all have this weird obsession with a meticulously clean car. Why not? After all it is a feat rarely achievable at your local automatic car wash with its tough-bristled brushes and limited effectiveness. Moreover, the so-called DIY hacks can cause more harm than good as the foaming brush often collects debris ready to scratch the surface of your vehicle.

Instead, pulling out the hose and a few buckets in the driveway allows you to take your time, focusing on the dirtier parts of the vehicle. Therefore, you need to have a calculative approach toward cleaning your car without quick fixes. Taking the DIY approach also gives you the opportunity to clean your car safely, without damaging the paint. So we list out the important pointers which help you keep your car squeaky clean and shiny.

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  1. Check the condition of your vehicle- Too obvious and yet ignored by too many. Checking the condition of your vehicle is too important before approaching the market to get the car polish of the car dashboard polish manufacturers. You may not need an arsenal of cleaning polishes and equipment in the first place. Therefore, if the car is pretty old to say the least, use the essentials like car wax and car polishes.
  2. Read the label of the products you use- Whether it is the car polish or the wax, read the instructions carefully as all automotive cleaning products are not all-purpose, and some could have a composition which could deteriorate the paint, clear coat, or other finishes inside and out.
  3. Apply polish in the right amount- For long car polishes have been used for an extra high-gloss appearance that can give the paint a mirror-like look. However, the quantity should not be over-spilled and also be sure to use a dual-action polisher.
  4. Add a protective layer of waxing every time- Many people believe car wax provides shine—and that’s true, but only partially so. Car wax is a protestant, adding an extra layer of protection to the paint from UV rays to prevent fading. Wax also helps protect the paint from anything that may land on the vehicle that’s corrosive, such as bird poop. By and large there are two types of wax layers; carnauba or polymer wax, the latter being easier to apply. With such comprehensive cleaning, your car is up and running!
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