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How to Polish a Black Car?

Polishing the car body. How to do it and how to polish a car with your own hands. Step-by-step polishing instructions

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Polishing the car body is a rather relevant topic because each car owner wants to see his reliable iron friend as beautiful and pearly shimmering in the sun with perfect mirror paint. Such success can only be achieved with high-quality polishing, provided that a good layer of varnish, or acrylic paint. An important factor in the mirror surface of a car is polishing after painting.

None of the painting in the chamber can guarantee the complete absence of dust on the surface to be painted, and fresh paint or varnish when drying can lose up to 60% of the gloss – there are a number of technical reasons for this: the quality of the materials used for painting and surface preparation, the solvents used, humidity, drying temperature.

Precisely polishing after the painting is the most necessary for a successful high-gloss coating. Depending on a number of reasons, freshly painted parts by best polish for a car not immediately have an ideally glossy surface – in addition to dust particles, it can be a multi-sized shagreen leather, and varnish overcoat, on the last layer of varnish, when painting around the entire machine.

It is not necessary to send the car for polishing to a specialized service, although they will do everything much faster and possibly better.

Tools and materials for self-polishing

So, for starters, what do we need for self-polishing:

Polish – here it is better to pay attention to quality and assortment, otherwise, your car will remain matte, as after the shutter. It is best to use 2 or 3 names – the most basic is the first. It is best to use 3M polish – it has the largest abrasive in its line, and it quickly polishes washed surfaces and small scratches.

The second number of car polish in Delhi, with a lower gradation of abrasive, will remove the remaining micro-scratches from the first polish, giving the surface a more mirror-like surface. The second number may be required on dark colors, especially on black – all flaws of poor-quality polishing are visible on it.

Holograms may appear on dark colours – after polishing from a large abrasive, micro-scratches remain, which under the sun’s rays begin to outline the entire machine with overflows and spots.

It is better not to use a heavier gradation, since it is rather difficult to wash the risk, for example, from 1000 sandpaper, and it removes a good layer of varnish. The issue on edges and sharp corners is especially relevant – rinsing in such places to paint or soil is generally a simple matter.

Polishing the extreme part of the body element, the circle should slide in its direction from the edge of the part, and not pry it. Otherwise, you can damage the coat of paint, and in some cases cause damage to the body and injure yourself.

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