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How To Prolong Your Motorbike Chain’s Life?

At the risk of repeating what you have heard time and again your motorcycle chain is a vital mechanical part in making your bike smooth, quiet and efficient, so to prolong its life, it’s important to perform regular checks and maintenance. The change and the maintenance may not necessarily be of the lubricant oils or the elements which elevate the bike’s speed. The vital spares must also get the equal amount of attention. One such thing which craves prolonged maintenance is the motorcycle chain. Let us see the way with which the motorcycle chains can have their shelf life extended.

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  1. Check the chains- It is highly advised that you check the chains and the sprockets every 5000 to 10000 kms. This is primarily done to get correct tension, adequate lubrication, and signs of wear such as blunt sprockets and scoured links. Then comes the process of checking the chain tension which is vital to understand as to how quickly it may or may not snap. As a precaution, you must avoid the use of clutches too frequently as it creates unwanted tension to the chains.
  2. Do the clean up- After all those journeys which have covered thousands of miles, the bike does require the diagnosis. Before greasing the chain, the first thing to be done is getting rid of the grime. Over time, oil, dust and worn materials form pasty clumps which are abrasive and shorten the life of the chain. Such dirt accumulation requires lubricants to clean chains. We recommend the best bike chain lubricant oil from Kangaroo Auto care. You’ll need to get the back wheel off the ground, either by the centre stand, paddock stand or some other arrangement. The most preferred method of greasing or oiling the chain or sprocket is turning the rear wheel by hand. Under no circumstances should the engine be turned on and put it in gear as it will spin too fast and you could cause injury to the hands. At the same time you also need to spray on the chain links with the greasing solutions until the chain is completely covered and leave it to soak in for a couple of minutes. Always use a soft cloth or soft bristled brush reaches the corners of all the links. Avoid using a metal brush as they can scour and damage the chain. The process may have to be repeated if there is stubborn grime.


Having a motorcycle checked and lubed in the garages on a regular basis can be a pricey affair for many. Therefore, it is pretty much advised you choose the chain lubricant spray online India along with many other maintenance solutions to keep the costs checked. Earlier, it was a tough job getting a proper cleaner and bike chain lubricant as most of the products could only be imported. With the presence of companies like Kangaroo Auto care, you are guaranteed to get finest products for bike and car maintenance at the right price.

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