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How to Remove Scratches on Vehicle Surface?

Scratches on the vehicle surface can occur for many reasons such as tree rubbing, stone, stone chips, rubbing the vehicle somewhere, etc. Scratches on the vehicle body will cause both a bad image and a loss of value. Bonnet scratches that are not intervened in time may deepen and become permanent after a while.

To prevent scratches on the body of your vehicle; You should not put your vehicle in narrow areas in car parks, in places where tree branches are frequent or in places where frequent vehicle parks are not available.

Being careful when using your vehicle in tight spaces will also prevent scratches that may occur due to rubbing. Despite all the attention you have shown, you may see bodywork scratches on your vehicle due to reasons that develop outside of you.

So how do you get rid of scratches on the bonnet? What measures can be taken to prevent scratches from occurring? “

Polishing Machine can be the Solution

Some of the scratches occurring in your car can be removed with the help of chemicals and some with the help polishing machine. As another method, the best polish for car dashboard also helps in eliminating the car scratches.

Determine the Depth of the Scratch in the Vehicle

Vehicle paint consists of 4 layers, so determining which layer the scratch is on is important for understanding whether we can fix it. To understand this, pass your nail over the scratch at a right angle, if your nail is not attached, you can clean the scratch by yourself.

If the scratch is not too deep, use the scratch pen that matches the color of your vehicle

If the scratch on your vehicle is not too deep, you will be able to close it with a scratch pen. Firstly, you can find the color that suits your car’s color and then paint the scratches on your car with this.

The most important point to be aware of when using the scratch pen is that you do not stick out of the scratch during the painting process. If you paint the non-scratched place on the bonnet, the scratch pen will leave stains on the bonnet.

Depending on the size of the depth, you may need to use sandpaper or polish directly.

If the depth of the scratch on your vehicle is light and level, you can remove the scratch directly with paste polish. If there is a medium or heavy scratch, the surface of the scratch must first be sanded with sandpaper. In this way, the depth of the paint around it is equalized to a certain extent.

You can eliminate the scratch by applying paste and polish

First of all, you will need to spread the paste on the area where the scratch occurred.

For this, you can run the polish at the lowest setting and spread the polish for 15 seconds. Then increase the speed and move the machine back and forth and right-left with slow movements and polish the body.

Check the surface every 1 minute. If the surface gets very hot during the process, do not neglect to cool with water. If you do not have enough information and materials for these procedures, get expert support by contacting car polish manufacturers in Delhi.

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