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How to Sublimate the Body of My Car?

After washing, it is essential to carry out certain operations if you want to shine the body of your car. Here are several effective treatments for the short and long term.

Maintenance solutions for all bodies

Whether your body needs a quick cleaning or you want to give it a facelift, there are many methods that will help you restore a shiny appearance.

Products for regular maintenance

If you simply want to maintain the shine of your car or resell it, it is necessary to maintain it daily. Besides washing, there are several methods that you can use to enhance the body of your automobile.


You can use a soft cloth impregnated with wax to polish your bodywork. However, be careful and test your wax on an invisible corner of your car because some waxes can reduce the shine of your paint.

Alcohol and petroleum jelly

Moisten a cloth with a mixture of 9/10 petroleum jelly and 1/10 methylated spirits and use circular movements to make your body shine.

The chamois

The chamois, or chamois, is a fluffy and very soft piece of cotton that can be used for buffing your bodywork. It is an option that does not require any product and which does not risk damaging your paint.

It is also possible to use a moisturizer or dishwashing rinse aid, but be careful and check the effect these products can have on your car paint when you use them.

An in-depth interview

Over time, your car may show signs of wear and tear and the paint on your body may greatly lose its shine due to pollution and bad weather. Sunlight can reveal unpleasant micro-scratches when you’re on the road. It is very important to maintain the exterior of your car for your well-being, but also to do good business if you intend to resell it. When a simple buffing does not do the job to restore all the beauty of your body, here is what it is advisable to do.

Wash your car well

It is essential that your car is clean and dry at first. Perform a surface wash and get rid of bird droppings, which are particularly dangerous for the well-being of your paint, as a priority. Warning: wash your car in the shade to avoid any damage due to drying too quickly. To find out how to dent your car, you can consult this guide.


Best polishes for car dashboards are a very effective way to smooth your body and remove micro-scratches. Choose the type of dough that suits you and be sure to always progress from the strongest grain to the finest for a neat finish. You can use a cotton cloth to apply polish to your car, taking care to avoid unpainted plastics and rubbers, let it dry for a few minutes, then wipe with a clean cloth. You can also use an automatic polisher or consult car polish manufacturers in India. Take a look on the guide for more information on treating micro-scratches.

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