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The Internal Polishing of Your Automobile

The color and brightness play a significant role in the aesthetic part of the car. Today some products guarantee a good finish and the preservation of it, however, even after making a proper application, the painter requires removing some impurities such as small particles of dust embedded in the paint. The reality is that all paintings age due to multiple causes such as prolonged exposure to UV rays, pollution, tar residues from the pavement, resin from trees, acid rain and of course bird droppings. Because of this, the finishes gradually fade. Waxing on these surfaces will only create a temporary shine in which a significant number of marks are perceived.

In the automotive repair sector, in the process of repainting is common to find the defect of orange peel, drained and contamination by dust generated in the application. It is very familiar to hear the following phrase “do not worry about a polished remains” however this operation becomes a rework, which implies the workshop consumes more of time and materials and therefore costs.

Agree that it is nice to get into the car and feel the cleanliness and pleasant smell inside, like a car just from the salon. Polishing is a simple and effective way to give the interiors of your car a seductive appearance. Also, the polish perfectly protects the surface from wear and has properties that repel fine dirt. The choice of polishing depends not only on personal preferences but also on the type of surface on which the output will be applied.

Universal – polish for everything

To give shine and protect products from various materials (rubber, plastic, leather, imitation leather, vinyl), you can use the products available at car dashboard polish manufacturers in Delhi. It prevents the wear of surfaces, their rapid contamination. Even protects from the formation of static electricity.

Perfect for polishing the entire interior: the dashboard, the inside of the doors, leather seats, and is also suitable for cleaning the bumper and tires.

Let’s start polishing the interior: the instrument panel and the plastic parts on the doors:

  • Prepare the surface for polishing. It should be clean and dry
  • Pick up the universal Leather & Tire Wax polish and prepare the sponge that comes with the polish.
  • Turn the spray gun cap to the ON position.
  • Apply to the surface of the dashboard from a distance of 15-20 cm (this is the average length of the palm).
  • If the polish got on the glass, there’s nothing wrong with that, just remove it with a cloth.
  • Then immediately wipe the entire surface with a sponge until the panel is uniformly shiny.

Icons on the dashboard of the car – why are they needed and what do they mean? Synthetic polished car scratches. As it is clear from the name, which does not cover the ground, they need to be sealed with putty.

Important! Actively heat plastic panels not worth it, how to remove scratches from the car panel and other.

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