Kangaroo® Premium Tyre Dresser (Polish, Shiner) 300 ml With Foam Applicator

Kangaroo® Premium Tyre Dresser (Polish, Shiner) 300 ml With Foam Applicator

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Upgrade the appearance and protection of your vehicle's tires with Kangaroo® Premium Tyre Dresser. This package includes a 300 ml bottle of tire polish and a foam applicator for easy and precise application.

Package Contents:

  • Rich, Glossy Look: Kangaroo® Premium Tyre Dresser is meticulously designed to give your tires a rich and glossy appearance that enhances the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.

  • Fading and Cracking Prevention: The advanced formulation of this tire dresser helps prevent tires from fading and cracking due to exposure to the sun and other environmental factors.

  • Extra Gloss and Conditioning: In addition to the shine, this tire polish provides extra gloss, conditions, nourishes, and preserves the rich black look of your tires.

  • Protection from Harmful Elements: Kangaroo® Premium Tyre Dresser acts as a protective shield, guarding your tires against harmful elements that can cause cracking and fading over time.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Clean Your Tires: Before applying the dresser, ensure that your tires are clean and free from dirt and debris.

  2. Even Application: Spray the dresser onto the tire's surface, and then use the included foam applicator to spread it evenly.

  3. Allow to Dry: Let the dresser dry completely on the tire's surface. Do not apply on wet tires.

Hydrophobic Coat and Residue-Free:

Kangaroo® Tyre Polish adds a hydrophobic coat to your tires, leaving no residue behind. This coat repels dust, dirt, and water, providing long-lasting protection against the elements.

Upgrade your tire care routine with Kangaroo® Premium Tyre Dresser. Enjoy a rich, glossy look, extended protection, and the convenience of the included foam applicator. Give your tires the care they deserve and experience the satisfaction of a well-maintained and polished look on your vehicle.