Kangaroo® Rust Cleaner Spray - Multipurpose - 500 ML Each ( Pack of 4 )

Kangaroo® Rust Cleaner Spray - Multipurpose - 500 ML Each ( Pack of 4 )

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Elevate your metal maintenance with Kangaroo Rust Cleaner Spray. This set includes two 500 ml bottles of specialized rust cleaner spray, designed for versatile applications.


  1. Rust Removal and Prevention:
    • Specially formulated, this rust cleaner spray effectively eliminates existing rust and provides a protective barrier to prevent future corrosion, ensuring your metal surfaces stay in optimal condition.
  2. Versatile Lubrication:
    • This multi-purpose spray is excellent for lubricating stuck or jammed parts, making it a valuable tool in various applications.
  3. Moisture Displacement:
    • It displaces moisture, making it ideal for protecting metal surfaces from the detrimental effects of damp environments.


  • Surface Revitalization and Protection: Kangaroo Rust Cleaner Spray helps maintain the integrity and appearance of metal surfaces while preventing future corrosion.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of metal surfaces, from tools and equipment to automotive parts and household items.
  • Effective Lubrication: The spray's lubricating properties make it a valuable tool for freeing up stuck or jammed parts, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Moisture Elimination: It helps dry out electrical systems, preventing moisture-induced short circuits.
  • Efficient Cleaning: The spray is effective in removing grease, grime, and other marks from most surfaces, making it a versatile cleaning tool.

Package Contents:

  • 4 x 500 ml Kangaroo Rust Cleaner Spray

Elevate your metal maintenance routine with Kangaroo Rust Cleaner Spray. Keep your tools, equipment, and other metal surfaces in optimal condition for years to come. Upgrade your maintenance routine today!

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