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Learn More About Cleaning The Matte Surface Of Bikes

With changing times, the bikes have changed in the way it operates and there have been major overhauls in their appearance as well. The most significant being the introduction of the matte look for the bikes. As opposed to the high-gloss paintwork which gives them a mean and macho appearance, the matte look is more about subtlety. However, the same low sheen surface can easily look ugly when it is covered in fingermarks, road grime, rain specks and petrol splashes. They show up more than on a glossy surface.

Things to be wary of

  • Do not use this in a small, confined area. If you are cleaning your bike with the motorbike polish in delhi in the garage, open any doors and windows. Maybe even turn on a fan.
  • It’s not noxious, but the perfume in the formula can be a little overcoming after a while and give some people a headache. Others, like my wife, actually enjoy the aroma!
  • Never spray it on a hot bike that has just been running or sitting in the sun.
  • Keep the can away from naked flames and sparks.
  • We also suggest spraying small areas rather than trying to work on big surfaces.

Microfibre cloth

  • Use a microfibre cloth to dust the area down first. Never let a cleaning cloth drop on the ground as it can pick up small amounts of grit that can scratch your paintwork and chrome.
  • Spray the cleaner on the surface and gently rub it over with a soft microfibre cloth, then let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Before it completely dries, use another dry microfibre cloth to rub the surface.
  • It comes up in a gentle sheen that enhances the beauty of matte paint.

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