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Maintain Your Motorcycle for the Riding Season

Riding a motorcycle is taken very seriously in our country and it is fueled by the purchase of best bikes in the town. Though there was hardly any such thing as bike season in the country even a decade, the trend has certainly caught up. This is mainly because of the availability of high performance bikes which can ride past easily in the rough terrains. In spite of the fact that these bikes have greater build and more resistant to the mishaps, they have to be maintained head to with products from the best chain lubricant for motorcycle in India.

best chain lubricant for motorcycle in India

There have been reiterations on the kind of maintenance required for the motorbikes. So we put forth the most important ones:

  1. Check the chains and sprocket- Ideally, you have a regular maintenance schedule over your active riding season, where you clean and lube your chain every X amount of miles. Therefore, it is essential to check that the chain is neither too loose nor too tight. The owner’s manual of the motorbike can give you a fair amount of idea in this regard. First, you need to check it is free from debris or grime buildup and that it moves smoothly as you turn the rear wheel. At the same time, it is also essential to examine the sprockets for any obviously worn-down or chipped teeth — as well as rarer problems, like cracks or other significant and dangerous damage. In case of damage, the chain and sprockets must be replaced immediately. For the chain’s cleansing, look no further than the best chain lubricant for bike.
  2. Maintain the brakes- When rolling your bike you should check your brakes to see if they do not shriek or make a scratchy noise. The check of the brakes has to be thorough and you need to check the brake pads as well. Brake pads need to be at least 1 mm thick and if it is any thinner, it can create mishaps. Additionally, the brake lines should also be checked for cracks or leaks and it needs to be filled with brake-fluid to the proper level.
  3. Keep the electrical system in check- This includes the electronics, switches, lights and gauges for proper operation. It is important to check the regular and high-beam headlamps, and front and rear turn signals. Equally important is to test the rear brake light and ensure it lights up when apply the brakes. Needless to say that the horns and turning indicators too should be buzzing.
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