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Maintaining a Bike Which is Unused for Years

Though motorcycles are those vehicles which are almost always used by their owners, there are also instances when the owner has not used the bike for an extended period of time. Many of us have faced the issue of getting the motorcycle back in action after a long vacation or let’s say due to staying out of our hometown. And no matter how well we keep the bike guarded from dust which settles on the bike’s exterior, there is some damage done on the bike. One such problem area is the motorbike’s chain.

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Thus you need to start off with the cleaning of the bike chain using the best chain lubricant for motorcycle in India. Once you have dusted off the rudiments of sand particles and other dirt, apply the lubricant on the motorbike’s chain generously. You should ensure that it reaches in every link and gaps of the chain. After pouring the chain lubricant, it is important to spin the bike’s rear wheel to ensure there is consistent amount of lubrication in the entire bike chain. However, this should always be done after the motorcycle is put on the stand.

Next comes the cleaning of the rest of the bike which is equally vital as a component. The motorbike’s battery being one of them; the bike battery, however, should always be handed over to the specific mechanic of the garage who is adept in checking the battery for the bikes.

When it comes to maintaining and doing a major face lift of the bike to increase its aesthetics, many of us tend to resort to shampoos meant for different use. They are not made for the cleaning of the bikes. Although it does not have much of harmful effects, it is still advised to not use them.

Alternatively, you may use the Car dashboard polish as they can fulfill the same purpose for the motorcycle as it does for the cars. Given the coat of paint is very delicate to bear any wear or smudge, the polishing agent is made of the most neutral chemicals.

Kangaroo Auto care is India’s leading name as makers of finest and trustworthy products for car and bike maintenance. For years we have been striving to give the bike and car enthusiasts the products of technical maintenance which are affordable and also does the job to the full. Not only are they very competitive in pricing, there are also many exciting deals which makes the purchase of our car and bike care products a must buy for all.

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