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Make Massive Maintenance of Your Mountain Bikes

For those people who do not consider the motorbikes their thing and yet want to explore the most treacherous terrains, a mountain bike is their all- purpose vehicle to chase their adventure. This makes the mountain bike take a lot of beating in terms of deterioration of certain bike components. Therefore, it is all but necessary to give the bike the maintenance and care it deserves after covering all the muddy roads and potholed roles.

best chain lubricant for mountain bikesThankfully, Kangaroo Auto care has taken a note of the maintenance of mountain bikes and hence has produced best chain lubricant for mountain bikes. Now let’s take a look at how you should take care and maintain your mountain bikes in all aspects:

  1. Inspect the drivetrain- The drive train of the mountain bike includes the pedals, chain, chainring, derailleur (the ingenious little device that moves the chain to make riding easier or harder). Additionally, there is a rear-wheel cassette (the set of teeth attached to your rear wheel). This makes the drivetrain very important as it transfers the power to the rear wheel while peddling.
  2. Clean the bike- It barely needs an explanation but it should still be told that cleaning the bikes cent percent essential. But some of us do get a thing or two wrong with the process. For proper cleaning of the bike, use a simple biodegradable cleaning cloth, towel or a sponge. There is barely the need to use too much water. A gentle spray of water is good enough to rinse away any soap residue. Also, remove the seat post for a thorough cleaning.
  3. The chain sprays- No questions here. The best chain lubricant for bicycles is your best bet for the survival of your bikes in the most hostile weather conditions. A well lubricated chain makes your bike well maneuvered and easy to go along with for longer rides. The chain lubricant reduces the metallic friction which causes the chain to wear out over time. This way you can also keep the dirt away and even though they do get settled in the lubricant’s layer, it can still be cleaned up easily before putting in the fresh layer of chains spray or lubricant.

All said and done, one must be equally concerned and wary of the fact that the Tyre of the mountain bikes are very important to be taken care of. The reason is that they offer traction with the ground allowing travel in a variety of unlikely surfaces.

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