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Mistakes to Avoid in Car Detailing.

Car detailing is a very alluring process since you give the final touches to your car using the best car dashboard polish. But the process and even the setup for that matter needs to be perfect to make the experience a low fuss affair. Cars, as we know have to be taken care of in the most apt manner in the sense that the cleaner or facelift stuff that we use should be of highest quality whilst it does not harm the car aesthetics. Nevertheless, we tell you of the mistakes which need to be avoided while car detailing:

  • Avoid using dish soap or other household detergents at all costs. The simple reason is that they are and they shall never be made specifically for car washing can strip away waxes and finishes and be too harsh on your paint job.
  • Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight. Sunlight’s heat can have an adverse effect once it reacts with the cleaner on the surface.
  • Don’t use the same bucket for soap and rinsing. Always keep a separate bucket before dipping into soapy water to get more suds.
  • Don’t forget to clean the tires/wheels first. If you don’t then you may end up splashing grime from the dirtiest parts of your vehicle onto freshly washed surfaces. Also, use the car polish from a distance to avoid the large patch.
  • Instead of the regular towel, use the provided wiping cloth provided by the car polish manufacturers specifically for this purpose.
  • Don’t wipe missed spots with the drying towel.
  • When you spot any dirt despite cleaning beforehand, wash the area again. The reason being that the dry towel may have embedded dirt particles which can create scratch on the surface.

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