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Prevention of Motorcycles During Monsoon

Monsoon is a pleasant season of the year and the passionate bikers like to take their motorcycles out for a ride. However, it is also the time period when your bike requires some extra care. During this season, roads are slippery, filled with and potholes which can cause damage to your bike. It can also affect there the smooth functioning of the motorcycle. Apart from having knowledge about your bike’s technical specifications, there is also some prevention which should be taken prior and after the bike is out on the roads. Take a look!

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  1. A scheduled maintenance- Scheduled maintenance is the most important practice to keep your motorcycle in shape. With routine maintenance and care with bike products from the motorbike polish manufacturer in India, less time is spent on inspection. So, the first thing on recommendation has to be scheduled motorbike maintenance.
  2. Clean up the Air Filter- Since the air is heavy with moisture in the monsoon, your air filter might not work at its best. The air filter can be clogged as it might hold a lot of moisture, and not allowing air to pass through easily. This could mean that you bike can be vulnerable to stalling, jerking and/or pulling the accelerator. Therefore, it is highly advised to keep the air filter of the bike dry and clean.

Frequent cleaning- Rainy season means mud and muck, which can be deposited in various parts of your bike. Not all, but some parts such as the chain drive can be affected by the same. Some of the bikes come with a full chain covering while the rest have an open chain cover that leaves the chain exposed to mud and water. The water can wash away the chain lube for royal Enfield from the chain. The next challenge posed is that of deposition of dirt (mud) that increases the rate of wear. So, cleaning and lubing is advised for the drive once after every 500 km. Mud deposition can be dangerous as the engine can encounter blockage which reduces its cooling efficiency.

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