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Chain Lubricant Spray and Chain-Cleaner (500ml each)


  • Lubricant Chain Lube is a power spray lubricant for all chain care needs
  • Quantity: 500ml(each)
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HEAVY DUTY chain lubricant specially formulated for high speed motorcycles penetrates deeply into the pins and bushings of chains and creates a long lasting low friction coating of a semi-transparent lubricating film with outstanding resistance to water wash off and high speed fling which helps maximize power transfer and reduce wear shale offering superior protection against metal corrosion and aggressive environments.CHAIN CLEANER SPRAY Product is formulated to clean and de-grease, chains, linings, cylinders, drum, springs & other related parts without disassembling parts instantly. It is a high performance special cleaner for maintenance and repair work quickly removes dust as well as oil, grease and dirt deposits – entirely residue free.

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Weight .85 kg
Dimensions 22 × 8 × 8 cm


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