With lockdown getting eased in every month or two, we are set to return to many daily activities. After months of pause, the gym owners now face the trouble of whetting their equipment. Kangaroo Auto care has now stepped in with its range of treadmill lubricant spray. The treadmill lubricant oil prevents the treadmill from friction and depreciation. As a result, the treadmill of your gym or of the home gets an extended protection from corrosion and rusts.
The treadmill silicone lubricant is non-sticky lube with excellent consistency and purity prevents frequent wear and tear of the belt. It also helps to increase the life of motor, belt and rollers and ensures trouble free, smoother workouts. The best silicone oil for treadmill is best suited for all types of treadmills, stationery bikes and elliptical. With its superior quality, a maximum of three applications in a month is enough to maintain your treadmill.
Of all home fitness devices, the treadmill requires the most care and regular maintenance. This is due to its design: while you walk or run on the upper side of the treadmill’s wide belt, the underside is constantly rubbing against parts such as the motor, the rollers, etc. Therefore, lubrication with treadmill lubricant oil is essential to ensure smooth movement. Kangaroo Auto care ensures that its lubrication and spray cleaners extend to all types of equipment and not just automobiles alone. It is all but necessary to keep your fitness equipment up and running round the year!
Our treadmill lubricant oil offers you the kind of lubrication you have been looking for. With its versatility to be effective on manual and motorized treadmill, this product is an absolute bang for buck. We have always tried to ensure that our products meet the expectations on both quality and price point.