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Protect your Bike Frame From Chips and Scratches. How to Choose Bike Stickers? 

Why do you need bike protection? For people who have just tasted the life of a cyclist, the question often arises – is bicycle protection needed, what is it, and why is it said? We make a reservation in advance that this article is more intended for beginners than for experienced cyclists. In it, we will try to reveal in detail and clearly the topic of why bicycle stickers are needed, and other protective equipment for your bike.

Stickers for bicycles perform a useful function. After buying a bike, very soon small chips, scratches, traces of cables or traces of attached accessories appear on it. This is absolutely natural, since the bike is constantly in contact with small particles of soil, gets scratches when falling from branches. And there is no question of “combat” tourist or mountain bicycles- they suffer the most. It is worthwhile to immediately buy stickers on the bicycle frame, both from the practical and from the aesthetic side.

Why are bicycle stickers needed?

A good painting is great at the factory adds a tangible amount to the price of the frame, so I really want to keep it in its original form. Secondary painting of bicycle wheels like cars is usually not practiced, because it is expensive, troublesome, plus where do you get new decals and stickers for varnish with logos? And if you want to sell a bike, chips and scuffs will mean that “they gave the heat great,” and you have to cut the price well. Therefore, protect your bike from deep scratches and scuffs right away while it is new. This is not at all difficult.

The main places and causes of scuffing on a bicycle as told by car scratch removers manufacturer in India are:

  • The places where the cables touch the frame;
  • Bottom pipe (pebbles from the front wheel);
  • Results of falls;
  • Abrasions on the frame from straps of hinged bags and other equipment;
  • Chain strokes on the lower feather;
  • Covering the legs of the fork

Protection of the bicycle frame from cables

Where to place stickers? First of all, we will consider how Bowden is attached to the steering wheel. A Bowden or shirt is the sheath of the cable inside which it passes. If the shirts touch the steering wheel, then you need to stick a protective sticker on this place. Next, inspect all the places where the Bowden touches the paintwork.

As told by bike scratch remover manufacturers in India, it is necessary to cover these places with protective stickers – otherwise, very soon you will see bare aluminum there. Then turn the bike wheel 45 degrees in both directions. In places where when turning the cables touch the frame, feel free to stick the stickers.

In places where the cables intersect and rub against each other – fix them with special hooks, or use silicone covers. This will protect against premature erasure of the plastic shell and the failure of a whole piece of the shirt. It is possible to use silicone covers instead of a sticker even in places where the “cable-frame” touches, but the friction on the paint will still remain there, so stickers are still better. They are sold in the form of sets of pieces of different sizes.

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