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Remove A Scratch On The Body : How To Correct Small Defects

Stripes, keys, the friction of all kinds- It does not take much to damage the body of a car or a motorcycle. We can be careful, sooner or later, it happens anyway. But no need, necessarily, to go to the garage! We explain how to remove scratches yourself at a lower cost.

What scratches can we remove ourselves?

Did you know? It is at the door handles that cars are most often scratched. These are scratches left by the rings and bracelets worn by women. The rivets of your denim pants can also leave marks on the body if you have the habit of leaning against the car while refueling. Difficult, therefore, to avoid scratches etc. In addition to being unsightly, they reduce the value of the car and eventually give way to rust. The good news is that you can eliminate superficial scratches yourself by using a suitable polish. But how do you know if a scratch is shallow or deep?

A modern metallic paint consists of four successive layers: the primer, the filling layer, the colored base and the varnish. Only scratches on the varnish can be removed with a polish. The removal of deeper scratches is much more complicated and requires the intervention of a professional. Before proceeding with a repair:

Examine the scratch closely: you see another color at the bottom? It means that the scratch has reached the primer. Polishing would be of no use.

Test the nail: if you do not see another color, test the depth of the scratch by checking with your nail whether it is hanging or not. If so, this is a deep stripe that you will not be able to erase with polish.

Be particularly careful if the body of your car does not have a layer of protective varnish (it can be recognized by its metallic brilliance). Indeed, if you use a polish too abrasive on this type of bodywork, you risk seeing the entire layer of paint.

Clear scratches with polish: how does it work?

There are polishes and other specific products at car polish manufacturers in India to remove surface scratches, which allow removing small defects by polishing. Repair kits consisting of a single product or two complementary products are commercially available. Rather recommended for novices, the former is used as a classic polish. The abrasive component they contain dissolves during application.

With this type of product, there is no risk of doing more harm than good to your car! The complete kit, to use when the simple polish is ineffective, is intended for more experienced people. It usually consists of two different polishing products, abrasives, and some rags to apply the products and polish the surface.

It should be noted that apart from repair kits, there are also special polishing pastes that can also be used to remove scratches by polishing. Be careful: improperly used, they can result in expensive bodywork! The best results are achieved with special polishing pads, available in several hardness.

Tip: Before using heavy artillery to remove scratches, try toothpaste! This one will make a perfect polish thanks to its abrasive particles. Apply it with a damp cloth on the place to be treated then polish to make the scratch disappear.

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