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Some Common Bike Problems

A motorcyclist, the last thing you want is a mechanical problem as you ride past the city at a high speed. There is hardly anything more annoying than seeing your bike make a funny noise, snapped chains due to the lack of lubing (which can also lead to fatal accidents). But there is always a solution to every problem and the motorbikes are no different. But before that we must take down the few common problems that a motorcycle enthusiast faces the most:

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  1. Collection of dirt and debris- Collection of dirt and debris in the interior of your bike is one such problem which would bug you more often than not. The nuisance increases even more during the rainy season or whenever you ride on muddy terrains. These can leave scratches as well. To get them fixed, you can use the bike scratch remover manufacturer in India. One must also take into consideration that there are other problems such as dirty spark plugs which hamper the bike’s mechanics and create poor situations to the point that the bike won’t start.
  2. Tire wear- It is well and truly known that the tires of any vehicle are the most vulnerable portions of the bike but premature tire wear cannot be ignored. This can be due to improper tire pressure, quality of the tire in the first place or even exposure to heat over a long period of time.
  3. Poorly Lubricated Chains – Chains are like the veins of the motorcycles and if they are not lubed and taken care of on a timely basis, it can cause a catastrophic failure. To make sure you do not compromise on the chain’s maintenance, buy chain lubricant spray online as they are of the highest quality that can resist chain snapping or binding. As a result, you can prevent the engine damage and chances of a major accident.
  4. Electric start fails- We all have seen the rise in the electric start motorbikes which has also raised the complaints of malfunctioning of the same. This situation can be very embarrassing if you ended in the traffic jam with your bike not starting. There are basically two types of instances that can cause failure:
  • Battery level- When there is a decline in the levels of acid in the battery, the efficiency of the starter goes down too. Therefore, it is necessary to check the battery levels often.
  • Starter- It is part of the electric system which provides the current or energy to the bikes so it can crank up. Once again, you need to check the battery levels to ensure the starter runs well.

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