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Taking Care of The Car If It is Stored For Too Long

People do love their cars and do not leave any single chance to take it out for a spin. But there can be instances when the car in not in much use. The reasons could be different in all aspects. Sometimes it could be the inclement weather. Other times, the car owner may be out of town leaving his car behind wrapped under covering in the garage. But that is not the only care which your car should be given. Besides, it is only the externals which are taken care of. Here is what you need to do more:

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  1. Clean the interiors before parking the car– This might be stating the obvious, but we’re going to tell you anyway. People have the tendency to leave trash in cars, including chocolate or biscuit wrappers (with crumbs inside), old newspapers, and water bottles and so on. All of this could rot or, worse, attract rodents that can damage floor mats, seat covers and even wiring. So, clean the interior thoroughly and spray a little freshener. But don’t use too much as even as it will stink in the closed confines over a long period.
  2. Paint job protection– A car’s paint job is always at the risk of getting damaged if the vehicle is parked outdoors, even with a car cover protecting it, due to the dust, grime and moisture. To prevent damage, clean the exterior thoroughly with the products of car polish manufacturers in India. At the same time, be certain to remove any dirt, dust or grime stuck to the vehicle before applying a coat of polish and wax. This will help in keeping moisture away.
  3. Change oil and filters-It’ll help to change engine oil and air filters. Used oil contains moisture, metal filings, sludge and other corrosive elements. It’s most recommended that you put fresh engine oil and new filters before leaving. However, do drive the car for a few kilometers so that the fresh oil is circulated inside the engine.
  4. Spark plug care– If you are going to leave your car idle for a long period, it’s advisable to remove the spark plugs and spray a little oil into plug sockets before putting the plugs back again. This will help to prevent the insides of the cylinder-head rusting and keep away the moisture. You can also use fuel additives that provide a protective coating to the insides of the engine. We must also add a word of caution. You should do it only when you are absolutely well versed with the mechanics of the car.
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