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The Right Method to Wash Car After Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating for car has long been used as it known to be the most important part of keeping your vehicle protected for as long as possible. Nano coatings, as they are called are not a one-thing—you need to actively maintain them. Therefore, the washing of the car with a high gloss car polish becomes imperative. Here is how you need to do it.

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Wash Regularly– Just because your car has a thick coating, it doesn’t mean you can slack on washing. Ideally, the car should be washed at least twice a month to prevent contaminant build-up. Moreover, the coating of car polish makes it easy makes cleaning easier, though, so you won’t have to work as hard getting gunk off. However, it must be emphasized that there is a certain method to wash the car to avoid scratches.

Use the Two-Bucket Method– Taking the previous point forward; we will be elaborating on the two-bucket method. This is a basic car wash technique that will keep you from accidentally inflicting scratches. Use one bucket for your wash soap, and another bucket lined with water for rinsing grime off your wash pad. The rinsing traps contaminants coming off your wash pad so they won’t be re-introduced when cleaning. Otherwise you’ll find yourself dragging a rock across your coating and causing a scratch. Now, if you have a quality coating on your vehicle, you shouldn’t need to wash too hard.

Avoid using an automatic wash- If you’ve got a nano coating, you’re probably concerned about preventing scratches. So why take your vehicle to a wash that’s going to mar your finish? Automatic washes use highly abrasive bristles that retain all the scratch-prone contaminants from previous washes. Put your vehicle through one and you’ll come out with a micro-marred coating. The safe method is that of keeping the cleaning as manual as possible.

The automobile companies have been churning out vast number of cars and other vehicles with regard to technical specification. Regardless of the nature of the automobile vehicles, the car dashboard polish manufacturers in Delhi produce products that keep your car in pristine condition.

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