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The Top Tips to Take Care of your Bikes

Motorcycles are a thing of beauty and a beast that takes you miles. As a result, you have to be absolutely sure of the care and maintenance of the bikes. The bike maintenance is not a very complicated process provided you do it in the way as prescribed by the bike scratch remover manufacturer in India. It must be understood that there are many parts and components of the bike which needs to be taken care of individually. So let’s take a look at how you can go about ensuring complete bike care:

  1. Drive chain adjustment- There should be a certain amount of slack in the drive chain – usually about 30mm, but check your handbook. The chain takes a beating with use and hence you need to take up the excess slack with the chain adjusters at the ends of the swingarm.
  • Check and measure the total amount of slack in the drive chain at a point midway i.e. the area around the sprockets on the lower run of chain.
  • If a need arises to adjust the chain tension, slacken the rear axle nut.
  • Use the adjusters on the ends of the swing-arm to adjust chain tension. Adjust each one by the same amount.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on the wheel alignment marks which need to be the same on each side, and then tighten the rear axle nut.
  1. Oiling- Though a little old-fashioned, the oiling of the bikes is more like working with a chain lubricant these days. The bike chain lubrication is the best source to clean and glaze the chains of the bikes. It keeps the bike chain on track and also prevents it from getting rusted. With the availability of these chain sprays in cans, the bike chains can be conveniently clean even in the most unreachable places.
  2. Keeping the chain right- Now this is pretty essential since the bike’s chain is the one which keeps it running. We would like to burst the myth that tight chains can ensure better running. The fact remains that too much tight chain can cause extra tension which might snap the chain and cause a fatal accident. Similarly, a loose chain can come off the axis more often than not. Hence, it is advisable to keep optimum stretch or tension on the chain so it can be easy to maintain the bikes.
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