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Tips To Learn: How To Wash Your Motorcycle 100%

For its owners, the motorcycle is one of the most precious treasures they have. They buy accessories, they do not overlook the revisions in the workshop and always try to keep it impeccable. In this post, motorbike experts will advise you how to keep your motorcycle completely clean and ready, since it is a vital task to have it in perfect conditions.


First of all, it is important that the cleaning of your motorcycle is carried out in a place that is in the shade because the sun can damage the most delicate parts and the water can leave marks due to the direct action of the sun before drying.

  • Choosing a quiet, spacious and comfortable place is essential to facilitate work and have all the tools needed to clean your motorcycle thoroughly at hand.
  • Covering the exhaust pipe with a plastic bag fixed with a rubber is another preventive measure that must be followed so that no water gets into it during the wash. Thus, corrosion inside the exhaust is avoided.
  • Be careful with pressurized water and clean from a distance to avoid damage to the paint.


  • Bucket with warm soapy water, soft sponge, gloves, degreaser and a soft spike brush to clean the tires.
  • Use microfiber gloves or rags of the same fabric for subsequent drying and tire cleaning. Also keep motorbike polish in Delhi to make your vehicle shine like star after cleaning.

Warm water with mild soap to avoid damage to the body

  • It is recommended to use warm water to enhance the cleaning effect while removing dirt. Thus, with a soft sponge or microfiber gloves, soak the area of the motorcycle to be cleaned without applying pressure.
  • Use a sprayer with soap and water mixture to avoid scratching of paint, if the surface is very dirty.

Degreaser and brush to clean difficult areas of the motorcycle

  • Use a soft bristled brush and grease removal liquid to clean the most complicated areas of motorbike, like swingarm and tires.
  • It is necessary to be careful with the degreaser and avoid rubbing against other parts of the motorcycle that do not support its composition. The degreaser diluted in water should be applied to the areas without chrome or metal.

Cloths and rags to rinse the different parts of the motorcycle

It will be necessary to have a soft sponge to soap the different parts of motorcycle and microfiber rags for drying.


Start with the complicated areas of the vehicle

Start washing your motorbike from the upper parts then move to downward direction, once the dirt is removed, rinse with water directly from a hose.

The rims will have a glossy finish if you use a motorbike polish in Delhi after soaping to remove the dirt that remains embedded in them. Drying them thoroughly is essential and, unlike cars, don’t use tire conditioner because it hurts the grip.

Rinse the bike after each step to prevent soap buildup

One of the factors to take into account when washing the motorcycle is to rinse it after each step to avoid the accumulation of soap and use the appropriate cloths for quick and effective drying.

With the regular cleaning of your favorite vehicle you will lengthen its life, since you will be keeping in mind the maintenance of its surface finishes, possible wear and tear or oil leaks. You can also contact motorbike polish manufacturer in India to get complete knowledge about different motorbike maintenance products.

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