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Tips To Take Care Of Your Royal Enfield Bike

The Royal Enfield bikes can best be described as the owner’s pride and the gawker’s envy. Be it the sheer masculine feature or the pulsating sound it makes the moment the engine is cranked up, the Royal Enfield becomes a true beauty with the power of a beast. Much as we know that this legendary bike is a proud possession of many, there are still a lot of seasoned riders who take inadequate steps to ensure their bike stays smooth and fast. So here we have a few useful tips to help you take care of your bikes to make it prim and proper.

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  • Lube the bike properly- Though it is the overall bike which needs maintenance, what is really crucial it the lubing of the chains using best chain lubricant for motorcycle. Because the chains are vital to riding it. Essentially, it is the chain that sets the bike in motion. Every 400 km or so and when you feel the chain needs some lube, do put the motorcycle on its main stand or paddock stand and clean the chain by rotating the tyre with your hand. You might as well use a designated chain cleaning liquid and brush and let it stay for a while. Then run water through it till the water that’s flowing out becomes clean. Post clean up, the use a good chain lube sprays to keep the machinery unscathed.
  • Scheduled check-ups- Without a question it is the most important thing to do for maintaining longevity of your prized Royal Enfield bikes. The service intervals of any machine are planned on the basis of the motorcycle parts that need a check regardless of how your Royal Enfield is being used. You should make sure to take your motorcycle for a service when it’s due. Setting a reminder generally works. Scheduled servicing helps increase the life of the engine and helps to identify and rectify any problem within time.
  • Give due attention to other components as well- A comprehensive bike servicing is all you need to have your Royal Enfield bike reign supreme on the roads. This is possible not only with checking the chains and using lubricants but also by using bike polish and checking the Tyre pressure routinely.
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