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Why Bike Chains Get Damaged Frequently?

Motorcycles are heavy-duty in nature and they are set to take off many miles once they roll out on the streets. More often than not a motorbike is subjected to various terrains which may not be very smooth and forgiving to the bike’s mechanism especially the lower end of the bikes such as tyre, chains and sprockets. A rough ride is the primary cause of why the bike chain’s sprockets fall apart. A bike’s chain is made up of many individual pieces which include pin, outer plates, inner plates, bushing and roller. The modern ones integrate the bushing with the inner plate and holds in the circular roller.

Therefore, it is clear that the bike’s chain has to be maintained with utmost care by the best bike chain lubricant in India.

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Chain wear is a common problem which many bikers endure during the long rides. This is also known as ‘chain stretch’, and the reason it is called so is because the chain’s pitch grows in length as it wears. This is one of the most common chain wears that comes from the bushings wearing with the chain pins. Overtime, the inner diameter of these bushings increase and the pins groove out.

In addition, if the biker is being extremely hard on the bike, the chain may get damaged after covering a distance of let’s say 5000 miles. This may be regarded as the usual wear and tear but the maintenance part must not be ignored whatsoever. Make no mistake; the accumulation of dirt is the biggest nemesis for the bike chain. It speeds up the process of rusting, makes the outer layer of the chains and sprockets brittle. This results in a sudden falling apart of chains which can lead to devastating results.

Therefore, a routine clean up of the bike’s chain using the best chain lubricant for motorcycle in India can be extremely productive. The chain lubricant’s composition can literally melt and break apart the dirt and stubborn stains thereby facilitating the chain’s mobility. But one must also remember the fact that over-lubrication is as bad as not lubricating the bike chains at all. The excess stickiness in the bike chains spark the rough to stick as well. Ideally, one must remove the chains from the bike and dissolve it in a solvent following which it should be cleaned with a hard bristled brush. Finally, as a precaution to attaching the chain back to the bike, you should make sure that the alignment of the chain is right and on the track.

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