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Why Cleaning Your Bicycle Chain is Important?

Bicycle has been our first vehicle of sorts and we have a lot of sentimental value for them. They are light, easily maneuvered and require no fuel. But that certainly does not mean that they are immune to wear and tear. A bicycle too needs the right amount of maintenance at the right time.  One of the most crucial components which need to be kept at its best is the chain of your bicycle.

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This should be done by using the best chain lubricant for bicycles by squeezing the lube bottle to make a light but steady stream onto the chain while you clean it. It is only the chain which needs to be lubed and not the gears. Keep spinning the pedals until you’re sure you’ve gotten lube on the whole length of the chain. Take the lube bottle away, and spin the pedals a few more times and let it sit for a few minutes to be sure the lube has a chance to work its way into the rollers and pins of the chain. Then, take a clean rag and wipe away excess lube from the outside of the chain.

Many people go for months, or even years, without doing any cleaning or lubricating of their chain, either because they don’t have the time or they do not have the right kind of lubricants manufactured by the best chain lubricant for bike. Or, they are afraid that unless they can do it perfectly, they should not try it at all.

Your bicycles always need the right amount of lubing as the chain goes through its range of motion over the course of months of riding, the surfaces inside the link rollers wear down, effectively making the chain slightly longer. This is sometimes referred to as “chain stretch.” As the chain stretches, space between the links no longer matches up exactly with the space between each tooth on your gears. At this point, your chain starts wearing down your gears.

The key is to periodically check your chain for stretch before it gets to the point where it starts to wear down your gears. It’s a lot less expensive to replace your chain than it is to replace your gears. However, even with replacing your chain on a regular basis, you will eventually reach the point where you’ll have to invest in a new cassette or freewheel to replace your worn gears, and eventually even worn chain rings on your front crank set.

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